Work experience with RAPT Studio

Carlsbad, CA

Make is an example of successful brand development and an accompanying dramatic creation of a campus focused on the “maker” industry. Make remade a 175,000 sq. ft. warehouse building into a innovative workplace that is supportive of an active Southern California lifestyle, complete with outdoor work environments, on-site gym, bike share, and convenient beach access. Make tenants include GoPro and other creative industry market leaders.

Architect + Branding: RAPT Studio: David Gallulo, Sam Farhang, Cory Sistrunk, Michael MacDonald, Sam Gray, Leon Wood, Scott Johnson, Keith Muller, Andrew Garlock, Bronson Christensen, Roderick Hunt
Executive architect: Smith Consulting Architects
Structural engineer: Prime Structural Engineers
Landscape architect: Office of James Burnett
Civil engineer: K&S Engineering
Mural art: Jason Woodside

Images courtesy of RAPT Studio
Studio MacDonald Libit
1751 Colorado Blvd #348
Los Angeles, CA 90041

(323) 989-4072
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